Complete Solutions to Commercial Lock Repair from Locksmith Davis

The process of locksmithing performed by Locksmith Davis is closely related to the advancements security technology in principle and practice. The principles are derived from the training methods, technology tools and the advanced equipment used by the locksmiths. The practices are derived from the real time applications of techniques and tools to get the desired solutions within the shortest possible time. The technicians at Locksmith Davis get complete training in handling customer service calls on time and delivering accurate solutions to most complex problems in a cost effective manner.

Commercial Lock Repair from Locksmith Davis

Locksmith Davis
The hardware components that make up the commercial locks are highly versatile and complex in nature. Modern security locks use a combination of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems to provide complete protection. This is considered to be a great feature from the security aspects. When the same systems break down or experience a functional failure, the process of repairing them could become highly complex in nature, but not anymore with Locksmith Davis.


  • Understanding of the commercial lock design and working mechanism gives an edge to the Locksmith Davis in dismantling most of the lock types within minutes. They use a wide range of lock picking methods and tools like the lock pick gun, tension wrench, rakes, hooks and half diamond tools.
  • Most of the mechanical locks could be repaired by dismantling the external casing. The technicians at Locksmith Davis understand the design of gated levers, cylindrical structure, pin arrangements, springs and the driver etc. They are able to identify the exact defects and isolate the defective parts easily. Repairing these components could be the first priority for the locksmiths, if the replacements prove to be expensive. In some cases the locksmith may feel replacement is better for long term security purposes. Then he replaces the defective components and reassembles the lock after performing the needed maintenance works. Then the lock is restored to its original working condition.Locksmith Davis
  • Repairing of electro mechanical locks could be a complex and time consuming process. This could be due to the combination of electrical circuits deeply interwoven with the complex mechanical parts. In some cases it may not be possible to open the external casing without breaking the security password. Then the Locksmith Davis technician tries to break the password bu using specialized tools. For example you could consider the numerical keypad attached to the mechanical locking system. There could be two ways in which the password could be neutralized. The first method is by cutting through the circuit wires and the second one is by removing the password storing electronic chip. The risk of damaging the lock is said to be existing in both the methods. At this time, Locksmith Davis expert can use the most optimal method by analyzing the lock design in real time. The aim is to ensure complete safety and security after the repair while keeping the rates as low as possible. This sort of ability to take split second decisions marks the Locksmith Davis experts for their work efficiency and cost effectiveness.